Monday, December 9, 2013

I got bored one day and started organizing. I have been doing Project Life this year and I realize how fast you can accumulate those PL cards. I have also been doing swaps with people and since I cant always afford those official Becky cards I do buy those ones in bulk in your local big box store. But sometime you get them and you are stuck with so many that dont always go with your stuff. So I was thinking I need to do something with them.
So what can you do with your Project Life cards that you buy in bulk, way too many to use from M's, JoAnns or HL?
 For one thing you can make feathers! I am obsessed with them and thought hmmm I can make that! So I did with my extra cards. They are the perfect size.
 And PINWHEELS! They are so much fun and so easy to make. I was even able to use up so many of my jeweled brads. YAY! Two birds with one stone.
Anyway just thought I would share. Hope you liked it and create your own stuff.
Have a great day!

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