Tuesday, November 30, 2010

I'm really slooooow!

Ok you are gonna think I am the BIGGEST DORK out there! But I already know that and most of my good friends love me for it cuz I am crazy like that. So if you dont get me, now is your chance to get the heck out! hahahahaha just kidding stay!

Ok, anyway what was I saying? Oh, yeah I'm a dork. So my hubby is away, so what I do when that happens is end up scrapbooking, vegging out in the couch browsing the net and catching up on some much needed blog hoppin. I bought a bunch of new Lily Bee stuff and thought hhhmm I should go to their blog and get inspired. You see I am hoping to scrap while hubby is away. So as I was browsing....I got to about the 3rd, 4th or 5th page. Not really sure! And what do I see? A freaking LO that I did during the summer. If you want to see what I am talking about go >>>>>> HERE!

Holy CRAP! How come I didn't know I was featured at Lily Bee? WTH people? You are supposed to be looking out for me! Hehehehe well it would have been nice to see it when it was first posted but it doesn't really matter does it? All that matter's is that someone saw my LO and thought it would be nice to put it up their blog to show their reader's. SOOOOO AWESOME! I told you I was dork...remember. So don't hate! Kay.

You see I get excited over little stuff like this cuz it is not often it happens to me. Most of all from manufacturers that I LOVE! Anyway just sitting here at home alone and figured I would share my excitement with you. If you have come to this point of my post and read the whole thing, then I THANK YOU for getting me! : ) I fully accept and enjoy my dorky-ness and have no shame. So thanks and most of all THANK YOU Lily Bee even though I am a bazillion years late. Heehhee have a good day people, I know I will! BYE!

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Anonymous said...

I love that LO. It one of my fav's!

Gracie V.