Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Pumpkins and a park!

I was finally able to find a place that sells pumpkins. Yeah, I know who thought it would be sooo freaking hard! Anyway, I was hoping to take the kids to a real farm so they can pick out their own pumpkins, do a hay ride and a corn maze but no luck. This is the closest I could do. I drove to South Carolina for the kids and we had a great time. We also discovered there was a beautiful park 10 minutes away from the pumpkin sale so I had to check it out and it was gorgeous. I took some pics of the kids, but they were not very cooperative at this point. They gave me all thier energy taking pics with the pumpkins so that ok. Will have to go back on a better day, when I have more time and kids are more rested and not rushed!
Oh, at one point I thought I had lost all the pics I took for that day...well I did, I lost them cuz I accidentally pressed Format disk in my camera and erased all the pics. But I found something that can fix that problem and it was only $29. Anyway, I digress. Will talk to ya about that later, will probably have to post about that cuz that is awesome. Anyway, here are some pics I want to share with all of you!

Here's a picture specially for you baby! A picture of Isaac holding a pumpkin that resembles a certain body feature! >LOL...Isaac calls this pumpkin.....PUMPKIN BUTT!

Here are some picture's from the Living History park that I was talking about. I love that park and will take the kids again on a better day when its not too gloomy for more pictures. Love, love, love it!

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Kimmi said...

Gorgeous photos Cheng!!!!!