Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Look what my hubby dug up!

My husband has recently learned how to make his own Myspace and he is an addict. He is in that thing seriously like everyday. I think it is soooo cute. Well last night, I came home from taking the kids to their swimming lessons and as soon as we walk through the door the first thing he says was " look what I found!" He had dug up our wedding pictures, this was before digital cameras was available to us, so they are just regular prints. And he told me he posted them on his myspace. Aaaaawwww!
He looked like he was choking me but he was really trying to kiss me!
Oh my gosh!!! This is the funniest picture ever! I didnt know about the military wedding tradition about getting spank, so this was my reaction when his Sergeant spank the crap out of me. Now you have to remember my dress is paper thin and this were real sabers! I was a little confused as to why they stopped us and thought maybe they are gonna pull a prank on him. But I guess I was the prank!! Duh! I dont know if you could see everyone's face showing them holding thier laughter but everyone was laughing. They didnt expect me to scream so loud. Can you see my mouth! OOOUUUUCHH!!!
This was definitely way before my baby making days. And I thought I was fat! CRAZZZZIIEE! How cute is Jorge in this picture. I LUV his smile!

This is what my baby used to do for the Army. He was an Airborne Medic and he loved it. I think if the Army allows him to keep jumping he would! I used to always tell him, you better not come home without your face paint!!! I just luv him coming him in full gear and face painted. It is SEXY!!!! hahahhaha

This was my baby in high school. I met him in our ROTC program @ Poly High! He was the commander in the male drill team and I was in the femal unarmed drill team. I fell in love him, when I saw him walking by the cafeteria in his uniform. And of course I had to join the ROTC program. Lol!


Jen said...

Michelle, you guys are so cute! Love the spanking photo. Hilarious!

Greta said...

Great pictures! You guys look so in love. :) The spanking photo is hilarious.

Jen Sue Wild said...

Great wedding pix You were a lovely bride! I love the pic of you and your DH going true the swords