Tuesday, June 3, 2008

House 4 Sale!

As you all know my house is on the market, so my realtor recommended a while back to post pics of the house so that we can showcase the house more. You just don't know who might be looking. This was a month ago when I took the pics but today I had time to post them, so I figured it wont hurt to share. Hopefully we can sell the house before the Army moves us to Washington State. So here it is, with some indoor shots as well. Some pics are dark but I did my best.
Front of the house. And its too bad I took this a month ago, because now all those gardenia lining the front white fence are all blooming. It smells so good out there. You can just sit in the front in the shade and have a drink. It is so cool out there right now, I luv it. Fence in backyard.

I LOVE my kitchen. I enjoy cooking and this is where you will find me most of the time.
This is the formal dining room which we never used for that function and it made more sense using it as the family office/scrap room. I luv how I have the big window to see my son on and off the bus to school or when the kids are playing outside. To the right is the main front door entry and to the left is the half bath and a door to the kitchen and laundry room.
Living room. The doors in the back lead to the backyard.
Master bedroom.
Master bath. Walk in closet and toilet room not shown in pics.
Second floor.
2nd bath
First door to the right is Isaac's room.
Middle room is the bonus room.
Not shown are the attic, linen closet, walk in storage closet in the bonus, 2 clothes closet in playroom and stairway walk in storage room.
Isabella's room.

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Greta said...

Your house is gorgeous! I'm surprised no one has snatched it up yet. So clean and perfect! If I were moving to Georgia, I'd buy it. Or do you have bad neighbors or something? lol- just kidding!