Thursday, April 3, 2008

I finally got one!

Jorge finally convince me and got me a new sewing machine. YAY! You dont even know how bad and long I have been wanting one of these. So for my first project I created this. I got this fabric already smutch like this and all I had to do was finish the sides from Hobby Lobby a couple of months back. I have been wanting to sew so I have so much projects I have been saving and buying little by little hoping one day I will have a sewing machine. So finally I can do them now. Cannot wait to share more projects with you all. I am so excited I want to take sewing classes now. I want to make clothes for chabella cuz as you can see with these pictures how much she luvs to model for me. She wore the dress for 2 whole days and wont let it get washed. I finally got it off of her last night. I told her it needs to be washed.

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Anonymous said...

HEy! You got your sewing machine!!! Yeah!!!!!