Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Thanksgiving Day.

I just wanted to share some pictures from our Thanksgiving day at the house. It was a simple party, nothing fancy but with friends and love ones. A lot of food and got to see my cousin Harry who just got back from Iraq and drove all the way from Florida to be with us. Ooooh how sweet!

Look at all the food! It doesn't look as much in the picture as it did in real life, but it was soo much food we had a marathon. I love holidays!

Isaac enjoying his food, although his face does not show it.

Isabella smiling even while her mouth is full of food. That girl know how to work it at a moments notice. hehehe

My handsome cousin Harry! He is such a grown up it is weird for me. I remember when I got to the US I was 12 years old and he was like 3 or 4 and I use to take care of him. I live with them until I reached High school so he was my baby brother growing up. Luv you Harry! It was fun having him for Thanksgiving and spoiling him with homemade food. Girls he is SINGLE!

Me and my love! Ahhhh how sweet! We were all chillin after the big dinner and after everybody left. We never get to be in pictures together since I am always holding the camera and most of all I tend to not take pics cuz we all have self esteem issues but I now try harder to be in pics for my kids and for myself as well. That's right folks that is no makeup and hair not dolled up but who care's it's a great picture cuz its me and my love. But just to make it interesting and getting back at my husband if you scroll down it's outtakes. He kept messing with me and saying how crazy I am for wanting to take pictures without looking at the camera. So this is what he did just to spite me. And just to spite you honey (cuz he looks at my blog all the time just to see what I am up to and comments once in a while) this is for you.

I can see you looking at me with those eyes! Punk!

Of course classic Jorge! Notice how he can fit half of his whole finger in there. Yeah baby! That's a Magana nose for ya!

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Gabrielle Beck said...

Looks like a feast!

Great pics! :)

Glad your home safely.