Wednesday, December 19, 2007

My baby's BIG 30th!

Me and my man looking good for his 30'th bday party.
A kiss for the camera! Ohhhhhhh SCORE!
Sooo happy we got to go home to Cali for Jorges big 30th birthday. His parents flew us to Cali and gave him a big Mexican birthday party. It was great to spend time with friends we have not seen in a year or so and family. His parents are soo sweet for doing this for him. We spend the whole day and night before the day of the party preparing for it. His mom, myself and his sister made all the food from scratch. And darnet I didn't take pictures of the food or while we were preparing it. Oh well! All of his family was at the party to celebrate it with him. Also our friends Monica and Dom from the Valley that drove down just for him. Thanks guys! Also Ricardo, Liz for coming down I know you all were tired from work so thanks guy's. We had his Uncle DJ'd for us and also enjoyed Karaoke. It was soo much fun.
I love to see your smiling face. He knew what was coming up next.....the whole family was screaming for his face to be smash in the cake. It's a tradition!
That's more like it. Baby you make that cake look good!
My father and mother in law. These are the best In Laws in the world how did I get soo lucky? Actually I feel madly in love with Jorge the moment he took me home for the first time to have dinner at their house. I saw how he treated his mama and how he was not embarrassed to kiss and her hug her in front of me. He would always take care of her and not make her lift anything. I knew then he was a great catch by the way he was treating his mother. It gets me teary eyed just thinking about it and how much luv they all have for each other. They are such a loving family.
Monica and Dom. We have been friends with this fool's for 10 years. Jorge knows Dom longer through the military. We have so much memories with them and through the years we have kept in touch and friends no matter where the military sent us. And they are both from California too. He is not longer in the military and been out for a while but we always get together when ever we can. That was a fun night just catching up and talking smack and joking around.

Ricardo and Liz oh to be a newly wed again. NOT!!!!!hahahah. Ricardo has been friends with Jorge since 4'th grade. Liz is new in the clan but she fit's right in. She is now in of the circle! hehehe
Jorge's sister Isabel and her man David. I went to High school with her but didn't know her until I got together with Jorge. Thanks for everything sis! The kids had such a great time with Jakob and Alyssa.
Mini!!!!! I luv me my Mini! Mini is my mother in law's house keeper, maid, helper, assistant, babysitter and what ever else you want to name it. She is such an awesome lady. This was the first time I got to meet Mini and I luv her. She is such an awesome and sweet person. I made her cry on our last day in Cali and we all started crying even my hubby. She said that she has never felt so loved by strangers ever in her life and that she know how much our family loves her. I'm gonna miss waking up in the morning and having coffee with her and the whole family.
It was funny cuz it was sooo cold for California weather but to me, Jorge and the kids it felt great. It is much colder in Georgia so we thought this is awesome. Notice how everyone in the picture wearing jackets or sweater. After a while it got windy and finally had to put a jacket on but took it off as soon as I got inside. Here I am at the end of the night next to the fire pit chillin.


Gabrielle Beck said...

Happy Bday JORGE! (old man)

It's all downhill now! :)

Looks like you guys had a really good time. It's nice to celebrate with family and friends!

Scrappy27 said...

Wow!! Big 30!!! Looks like you guys had a blast!!!! Happy Birthday!! :)