Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Valentines Day!

Hope you guys are having a wonderful and romantic Valentines Day. My hubby and I and our kids of course celebrated Vday yesterday. Hubs has been so busy with work, so he figured Sunday would be best to take the time for it, since he probably will be home late today.
He took the kids and I to a movie (Gulliver's one of course) and then we went to BJ's for dinner. It was a simple day but that's how we like it. We are not fancy people. Just getting to spend some much needed time together is enough for us. It's usually hard for hubs during the month of Feb. due to Vday and then 3 days later is my birthday. He struggles to find presents for me, so when I could help him out picking it best. For the both of us!
Since the mall is right next to BJ, we decided to go walking after dinner. I think I went straight to Coach. Not really intending to buy anything. But hubs knew I broke my glasses (cheapo ones) he said I should get glasses. To make a long story short he got me a Coach sunglasses and a necklace. He wanted to buy me a purse but the one I wanted was $600 and that is just RIDUNKULUSE.
I wouldn't do that. He also wanted to buy me a charm bracelet but I said NO to that too. I stuck with my glasses and necklace. That's it! No need to spend more money. I have plenty of purses and bracelets. Besides my birthday is in a couple of days and I want scrappy stuff. ;p
Here's what I got below.

On some scrappy note! I made these for my Creative Charms DT Assignment for Feb. I kinda went a lil nuts making them but I know I will find some uses out of them.
Here are some close up pics for ya! I used Vintage Jewels and Vintage Poppies for the centers of the flowers. See how the pink poppies match the fabric perfectly! I did not plan that it just happened that way. heeee
I love them...all of them. I think I will be making a bunch more of these.
Well that is all I got for ya today. I will have to post some of the things I am making with these goodies on my next DT post. Hope you all have a great day. I am off to work out, make dinner, then dinner and then Boy Scouts meeting. Full day today!


Anonymous said...

Love the Coach sunglasses and necklace...nice job Jorge(wink,wink)

Danielle said...

oehhhh you got spoiled Michelle!! LOVE the sunglasses! and love what you did with the flowers, the tulle is so pretty!!! great work girl! xo Danielle

Bente Fagerberg said...

Those flowers are to die for. Are you sure you are not doing a give away..hint hint...LOLO!