Monday, November 9, 2009

Christmas Projects????

So....I have been really thinking about the projects I want to create before this year ends. I have been wanting to make a December Daily Album (thanks to Ali E.) since last year but have never gotten to do it. I have alot of projects in my head that never gets done and then I end up kicking myself in the rear end for not doing it. UGH! It's a never ending battle I tell ya!

So I think this year is the year I will actually get my stuff together and do some xmas projects. At first I didn't know if I should make a mini album that will hold ALL our past and present xmas memories or just do one like Ali, just focusing on the month of our December month activities. Now I don't have to choose! I am doing a Dec. daily album and I have sign up for Jessica Sprague Holidays in Hand (which is free by the way) that will be a mini for past and present holiday memories. PERFECT right?

Now I just have to get my materials ready and make up my dang mind as to which paper line I will use up for these projects. You don't understand! I have so many choices as far as xmas line to choose from so I cant make up my mind. I have October Afternoon, SEI, Websters Pages, KI and Anna Griffin xmas lines. So many products to choose from so little time. Now I REALLY NEED TO MAKE UP MY MIND and GET TO IT! Yes, I am yelling at myself. I don't know, I really don't know which to use, I might just mix them all up...huh? There's no rule, I just need to get going and create my minis.

Are you guys doing anything? If you guys are in the same boat as me...let me know. Maybe we can motivate each other and share our creations or lack there of. Heee

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Anonymous said...

Hey girlie! Are you coming out for Christmas? Miss ya!